Is it Yorkshire? Nope it’s New Zealand!

New Zealand is possibly the furthest place you can get from my home town, in Yorkshire, England.  Yet the similarities are striking – stunning countryside, friendly people, passionate cricket supporters and of course – rain!

Franz Josef glacier

  • Fortunate enough to be seconded to Auckland through work I took full advantage and explored this beautiful country full of outdoor, action packed activities for adrenalin junkies.  Famously home to the bungee, spelunking and zorbing; anything crazy you want to experience is readily available here.  The scaredy-cat side of me kicked in though, so aside from trekking I only participated in snow and sand boarding.  Both were awesome, though I have limited experience/capability so doubt I’ll be strutting my stuff in a halfpipe anytime soon.
  • What I love about New Zealand is the way it embraces its original Maori culture and heritage.  Harmony exists.  A far cry from other countries where the original inhabitants have suffered hardships under new rule.
  • So now for the big question on everyones lips – north Island or south Island?  I’d have to pick the north as my favourite.  Less hype, not quite as much rain and idyllic hotspots such as the Bay of Islands and the Coromandel.
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