Will Mozambique live up to the hype?

Sadly no.  It was most disappointing.  I’ve met many a person who’ve raved about this country which boasts swathes of South African coastline.  I personally failed to see what all the excitement was about and the logistics are a total headache. 

  • There is no infrastructure, so I spent days on a bus getting to a beach on a par with Scarborough, Yorkshire.  Now don’t get me wrong I love Scarborough, but I’d never board a bus for two days to get there.
  • A mouse ate my pants. They were a decent pair too, why couldn’t he have chewed through my old ones??  Typical!

Mozambique flag

  • Watch a football match.  I’ve been to some serious matches but the security at this one was intense.  Armed police in bulletproof vests manhandled me through the gated entrance, whilst fierce police dogs pulled at their leashes.  I expected violence, but thankfully none erupted, even though a group of home supporters did a couple of circuits of the stadium carrying a coffin with RIP Zambia on the side.  Outrageous!!  Mozambique played poorly and deserved to lose 2-0.
  • There is a machine gun on their flag.  Random.
  • Ranking right up there with my worst nights sleep ever was staying in a brothel in Tete.  Once again due to a lack of planning and no available accommodation, I had to make the best of a bad situation.  Conditions were horrible, there was no runnning water, no locks on the doors and it was filthy.  Thankfully it was a week night so not much in the way of workers nor clientele, but it remains an experience I don’t wish to revisit.
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