New Zealand, the return continued….

Oh wow, how Auckland has changed in the last six years.  Why did I leave it so long between visits?!

Wynyard Silos

Wynyard Silos

Due to hosting a flurry of major sporting event, including the Rugby World Cup in 2011, and the Cricket World Cup earlier this year, the city has invested in further developing the city.  A whole new area by the wharf has been built.  The Wynyard Quarter has somewhat of an industrial look with stacked shipping containers, girders and boat funnels dotting the waterfront.  Its now home to the headquarters of some of New Zealand’s largest banks, and these ride high alongside several new eateries running the length of the concourse.  I think it’s a great addition to the city.

I would be lying though if I said I didn’t also visit some of my favourite places which are still going strong, and met some of my old friends.  I definitely got my money’s worth from my beanie, as the icy wintery chill was in full force for my trip – this part of New Zealand I do not miss.

However sadly I didn’t have enough time to properly revisit this beautiful country.  With only a few days in Auckland I didn’t even get the opportunity to have a pie!  I just have to come back, and this time I won’t be leaving it for another six years.



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