Destination Melanesia….

It seems the 136th largest country in the World, the Solomon Islands, is barely on the global radar (unless you are a diver).  I will definitely need to do some full on research whilst travelling to find out more about this nation.



I will also need to be on my best behaviour as swearing is illegal.  Interestingly you can be sued by those within earshot and can even be jailed.  Let’s just hope I don’t come across any of their venomous sea snakes or salt water crocodiles whilst snorkelling then!






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One thought on “Destination Melanesia….

  1. Thorsten Mehret

    Hi Hellen,

    I hope you enjoyed your last days in the Morova Lagoon. I went to Tetepare and Eghole Village and was the only visitor. Beautiful places but I prefer to have some accompany arround me. Matikuri was great.
    BTW you should have told me about the swearing. Didn’t know that I had almost one foot in jail while swearing to Benjamin that I will send the pictures. Luckily I’m in Cairns and save now. Leave tomorrow to PNG and will check out the important customs this evening 😉 Cheers Thorsten

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