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Discover remoteness and the “Survivor” island in Fiji

This Pacific island is a favourite haunt of Australians and New Zealanders alike.  It’s close to home, but rather exotic and intriguing too.  Used as a base for a television series of Survivor shows just how isolated it can be.

  • Sample the traditional brew of kava, a tree root extract mixed with water.  It looked like puddle water served

    It tastes as bad as it looks…

    in a coconut shell, and didn’t taste much better.  Effects are a numb and tingly feeling in your mouth, with a hangover not worthy.

  • Swim in the tepid ocean and keep your eyes peeled for sea snakes.  These waters are the world’s most densely populated when it comes to these creatures, although they are unable to open their jaws wide enough to bite you.  Reassuring?  No, not really!
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Australia – “He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich”

Possibly one of the best song lyrics ever written!  Plus it’s true Australians simply love this vegetable spread they can’t get enough.

  • Identified by many as a country with a ridiculous amount of dangerous animals, which is essentially true.  But where exactly are they?!  Could their existence be a bizarre marketing tool by the Australian government I wonder……?

Vicious Australian animals!

  • Sleep in a swag in true outback style.  The swag was clearly developed by someone who loved home comforts; it’s basically a tarpaulin sleeping bag with built-in mattress.  Winner!
  • On the must do list is pay a visit to Uluru (aka Ayers Rock) and gaze at the world’s largest monolith.  Once the disappointment of this has sunk in check out the other geological features of the region.  The lesser known sights of Kings Canyon and Kata Tjuat are more spectacular and prove to be less of a tourist Mecca.
  • Enjoy a typical Australian outback interpretation of the British Henley on Thames regatta.  Living somewhere where rain is scarce and riverbeds often dry doesn’t stop these locals for a moment.  Their “boats” are raced on land and powered in a variety of ingenious ways.  The races culminate in a huge water battle using water guns, flour and anything else they can get their hands on.  Funny day!

    A sightseeing mecca

  • Stay in an underground house in Coober Pedy.  Temperatures can reach 50 degrees in summer, whereas below ground it’s a pleasant 24 degrees year round, but ever so slightly claustrophobic.
  • Take a road trip with random people you have just met and discover that you are surprisingly normal.  One of my fellow travellers didn’t speak for the entire three days, whilst another collected dead insects.
  • Sample an ant’s bum (well technically it’s the gaster).  Certain ants in northern Australia have a green bum which once removed from the live creature tastes like an acidic fruit burst on your tongue.  It’s rather yummy!
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