My Top 5….

top 5             “Travel is glamorous only in retrospect.” – Paul Theroux

…places for a beverage. 

Sometimes nothing is better than a beer, and why not experience one of these places for the ultimate beverage…..

  1. the highest pub in Africa, the Sani Top Chalet in Lesotho, is some 2,874m above sea level and often nestled amongst the snow.
  2. Spirulina beer in Myanmar declares itself to be anti-aging.  I had several valid attempts at trying to prove this to be the case…
  3. the luxury of a Singapore Sling at Raffles Hotel where it was created, is a must.
  4. Sydney’s Opera Bar, with a view of the harbour bridge and the opera house it’s a pleasure to behold on a warm summers night.
  5. the Trans-Siberian, aka The Vodka train, involves the sharing of pure vodka with new friends and making plenty of toasts to all things Russian.  That’ll put hairs on your chest!

…random experiences

  1. attending a general election in Uganda, Africa to witness the politics.  Understanding how the general population view the future and experiencing the turbulent aftermath.

    Marshmellow anyone?

    Marshmallow anyone?

  2. being in Samoa when the laws changed with regards to which side of the road vehicles should drive on.  Cue church bells, slow moving traffic, a sea of paramedics and a public holiday.
  3. watching a lunar eclipse from the top of a Mayan temple in Guatemala.  Truly awesome..
  4. dancing (or attempting to) the tango for my birthday in Uruguay.  This was following a couple of lessons at the home of tango – Buenos Aires.
  5. toasting marshmallows on a live volcano in Guatemala, whilst hopping foot to foot to stop your shoes from melting.

…places to spend the night

  1. in a ger.  Traditional hut for nomadic people in Mongolia, it’s like a fairy tale putting more wood onto the stove whilst it gently snows outside.
  2. in a capsule hotel in Tokyo.  After paying for your accommodation in the vending machine downstairs and having a communal shower, you can settle into your tiny but homely cell.
  3. on a felucca.  A rustic sail boat drifting down the Nile in Egypt.
  4. in a swag by a billabong in outback Australia.  These tarpaulin sleeping bags complete with inbuilt mattresses are extremely comfortable and you can see the stars!!
  5. on a rooftop in Damascus, Syria.  The coolest place to sleep in this humid city.

…animal experiences

  1. Gorillas.  Trekking through the volcanic regions of Rwanda, high in the forests you can find the mountain gorilla.  Surprisingly you can get extremely close to these distant relative of mankind.  Their mannerism and watchful approach are spookily similar to our own.

    Play time!

    Play time!

  2. Komodo dragons.  Enormous lizards roam a couple of remote islands in Indonesia.  Their mouths contain deadly bacteria, a single bite will kill a human after several days once the bacteria has infiltrated the bloodstream.  Tourists are guided through long grass hunting for these predators, who are by far the more successful hunters.  Wise?  Probably not!
  3. Tarantulas.  The Amazon rainforest is full of these huge spiders, and they are not shy!
  4. Manatee.  An endangered species, these docile slow moving sea mammals are a joy to witness in their own environment off the coast of Belize.
  5. Lions.  As opposed to walking the dog in Zimbabwe you can walk a lion, which is suppose to assist in their training for release into the wild.  At fifteen months of age these lions are almost full grown and somewhat daunting.  For safety I was armed with a stick, a stick!!  An awesome, knee trembling experience.

2 thoughts on “My Top 5….

  1. Amanda

    Hi Helen,
    Your trip to India sounds amazing, was hoping to pick your brains as I’m thinking of taking some time out to do some travelling and being the travel expert where else would I go for advise. So what I’m hoping for is you to tell my your must see places in South America, Central America and Asia- so far I have Peru, Galapagos Brasil or Argentina, Mexico, Guatemala, Vietnam, Cambodia and Nepal and poss the Siberian railway……anyway let me know your thoughts if any
    Amanda (Rwanda trip)

  2. Wow that sounds like a massive trip! All depends on what you want to do – culture, wildlife, trekking, relaxation etc.. I cannot recommend Cambodia enough it’s a great place, and maybe tie it in with a cheeky few days Laos. Central America is another favourite destination of mine and a cheap place to learn Spanish. Getting to Cuba as a must!

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