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Timing is everything in Samoa

Living on a small island has it’s advantages – a laid back atmosphere, community spirit and great sea food.  However the flip side is very expensive cheese!

To the left, to the left

  • By sheer luck I was there for the momentous “road switch”.  In order to align with its’ neighbours and car imports, the Samoan government decided to change the side of the road on which people drive.  On 6am on the Sunday in question church bells rang throughout the small group of islands to signal the switch onto the left hand side of the road.  Speed limits were dropped, and the following day was declared a public holiday to reduce traffic during the introductory period.  Buses weren’t allowed on the roads until their door position was also switched; so cue a roughly cut hole in the side.  Interesting to stand with locals and watch drivers confused at how to tackle one of the few roundabouts in Samoa.
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