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Can Australia get any more random?

It’s a far flung remote island of gargantuan proportions.  Gifted with unique geological structures, unusual characters and a barren eeriness.  What can I say?  Western Australia has all this and more in abundance.

  • Jump into a helicopter and soar over the unique rock formations of the Bungle Bungles, in Western Australia.  Discovered in 1983 by a film crew these stripy smooth rocks cover a vast area of 240,000 hectares and are yet another bizarre Australian geographical feature.

    More bizarre rock formations….

  • Visit royalty in the principality of Hutt River Province.  The personally appointed head of state, Prince Leonard, is an interesting character.  In 1970, frustrated with the Australian tax laws this farmer decided to rebel by creating his own principality.  This “country” has its own stamps, currency and obviously, tax laws.  It’s worth popping in just to meet someone who took extreme measures to dodge tax and won.
  • Feel the eerie silence on Lake Ballard.  Stark metallic structures by Anthony Gormley are scattered across the isolated salt plain.
  • Drive across the Nullarbor Plain.  For the bored, adventurous or just plain crazy this 4,000km journey takes you between Perth and Sydney.  Due to the sheer distance and remoteness, a feeling of pure excitement washes over you when you see another vehicle.  You find yourself waving madly as at a long lost friend.  I don’t think becoming a recluse would work for me…..
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