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Continually changing times in the Balkans

The Balkans continue to be a volatile region of Europe.  A beautiful area with many qualities to offer tourists whether that be beaches, lakes, culture or history.  But peer under the surface, and not unsurprisingly a bitterness remains.  Plus the uncertainty with Kosovo lingers on…..

  • Take in the renowned Exit music festival in an ancient citadel, Novi Sad (Serbia).  Amazing venue.


  • Now for some history.  In 1992 the city of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) was surrounded by Serbian and former Yugoslav troops in a siege that lasted almost four years.  Being located in the foothills allowed the opposing forces to have a strong vantage point on the civilian city.  Appallingly 11,000 people were killed and eminent graveyards are a strong reminder of the siege.  But the city has bounced back.  It’s a fantastic place to visit; the people are amazing, the food is tasty and beer cheap.  I just can’t recommend Sarajevo enough.
  • Due to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s fragile status and it’s three divided ethnic groups, it has some unique features:
    • It has three presidents.
    • The design for national flag couldn’t be agreed upon, so it was outsourced to another country.
    • The national anthem words have not been finalised, people hum to the tune.
  • Indulge in a Slovenian horse burger.  OK so I didn’t try one (they weren’t all that cheap!) but here is suppose to be the best place to sample one.
  • Check out the innovative award winning “Museum of Broken Relationships” in Zagreb (Croatia).  It has an interesting array of objects donated by the broken hearted and an explanation as to why the object is relevant to the demise of aforementioned relationship.  It’s funny, sad and shocking.  Definitely worth a visit!

Stunning views

  • Croatia and Montenegro hog the majority of the Balkan coastline.  They play host to  many beautiful towns including the spectacular Dubrovnik and quaint Kotor respectively.  However after a couple of weeks I needed to escape these walled cities.
  • Best remember to set your alarm clock when you have a ferry then plane to catch.  Waking up just after the ferry had left for Venice I had to take on mission impossible to catch my flight.  I paid 120Euro for a taxi from Croatia, through Slovenia to northern Italy.  Then made a dash for the slow train to Venice, hoping to then make the bus connection to the airport.  I arrived with just minutes to spare, having aged some five years in the process.
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