The World’s Happiest Countries

Yes it’s yet another interesting survey relating to travel that I believe is worth a mention. It’s the United Nation’s World Happiness Report.  And the winner for 2016 is…………. happinessDenmark, with four of the top five countries being Scandinavian.  Looks like it’s the part of the World to be!

Bhutan are famed for their Gross National Happiness Index.  They have built their economy based on Buddhist spiritual values as opposed to material development, gauged by Gross Domestic Product.  Despite this principle governing the country of Bhutan they were only listed at number 84 out of the 156 countries in the survey.

Burundi, a country suffering severe on-going political unrest, took the lowest position in the Happiness table where Africa dominated.  Unsurprisingly war-torn Syria was close to the bottom of the rankings, and measured just above Burundi.

So drum roll please……  The top happiest five countries were – Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Finland.  And the unhappiest five countries currently are – Burundi, Syria, Togo, Afghanistan and Benin.

Several factors were used to evaluate happiness including health, family lives and their jobs. 

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The World’s Best Airports

Results are in for a global survey on the World’s Best Airports 2016, and four of the top five are in Asia.

The bane of long distance holiday destinations is the travelling to get there, and the painfully airporttedious airport transfers.  There is only so much duty free browsing in recycled fetid air a human being can take.  However outside the airport lounges for the rich and famous, some cities have invested in comfort, luxury and even free activities for the masses.

The winner will be no surprise as it’s held the title for a few years – Singapore’s Changi airport.  Offering free city tours, a butterfly garden and swimming pool it leads the way in airport sophistication.

The top five look like this:

  1. Singapore Changi Airport
  2. Incheon International Airport, South Korea
  3. Munich Airport, Germany
  4. Toyko International Airport, Japan
  5. Hong Kong International Airport

Unsure this survey will change my choice of flight.  As like most people my decision is based on price and time to reach the destination, rather than the airport experience. However based on several poor airport experiences maybe I need to put more thought into the flight connections themselves….

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